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The UCMSA Universalis Independent Body (IB) is the official committee that audits the books of Universalis’ Social Board and Academic Council. Besides the financial audit, the IB also evaluates the legitimacy of expenses and in accordance with the guidelines in the Policy Manual and Statutes.

During Universalis’ General Assemblies and presidential elections, the IB is responsible for supervising voting procedures; in addition, IB members sit in with interviews for applications for both the Social Board and Academic Council.

As the name says, this committee – consisting of a maximum of 5 members – is an independent body within the Universalis organisations: its findings and conclusions cannot be refuted. What it aims at is to give all Universalis members a transparent overview of what the board is doing. Furthermore, the IB will handle any complaints about the board’s decisions in complete confidentiality.

If you’re interested to hear more about our findings and recommendations, don’t hesitate to write us, or approach one of us in person!


The Independent Body of Spring 2018

Phineas, Sander, Thilo

3 months ago

Universalis Social Board

UCSRN is looking for a new board! Are you interested in facilitating the representation of University Colleges on a national level? Are you good in working in a team? Did you love the tournament and want to oversee it next year? Apply for the UCSRN Board! You can apply following the link in the post.UCSRN EXECUTIVE BOARD ELECTIONS

All UC Students can run for the open positions in the UCSRN Executive Board.

The deadline to sign up is May 29th 13:00 for:
- Chair of the Executive Board
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- External
- Academic Committee Chair
- Social Committee Chair

For more info about the specific functions and elections, go to:

It will be a very useful learning experience where you get the opportunity to meet with lots of new and interesting people and develop professional skills. You will be representing the University College students on a national level, and focus on integration and collaboration between the University Colleges and Students. It is an amazing opportunity, so apply now!

Looking forward to seeing your applications!
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6 months ago

Universalis Social Board


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Dear all,

due to some technical issues, all Universalis email addresses are currently down If you need to contact us, send a message to this account or send a private message to the members of the board.

Good luck with exams, love, Universalis☀️
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