Independent Body

The UCMSA Universalis Independent Body (IB) is the official committee that audits the books of Universalis’ Social Board and Academic Council. Besides the financial audit, the IB also evaluates the legitimacy of expenses and in accordance with the guidelines in the Policy Manual and Statutes.

During Universalis’ General Assemblies and presidential elections, the IB is responsible for supervising voting procedures; in addition, IB members sit in with interviews for applications for both the Social Board and Academic Council.

As the name says, this committee – consisting of a maximum of 5 members – is an independent body within the Universalis organisations: its findings and conclusions cannot be refuted. What it aims at is to give all Universalis members a transparent overview of what the board is doing. Furthermore, the IB will handle any complaints about the board’s decisions in complete confidentiality.

If you’re interested to hear more about our findings and recommendations, don’t hesitate to write us, or approach one of us in person!


The Independent Body of Spring 2018

Phineas, Sander, Thilo

1 month ago

Universalis Maastricht

Hi everyone!

It's the end of the year, projects are done and it's time for holidays! The end of the year also means that the Social Board has finished transitioning, so its time for the new board to take over. This message is a big goodbye from the old board, its been a wonderful year and we hope that the next one will be as good if not better! It's also a hello from the new board, wishing you a happy holidays and looking forward to next year! Your new Social Board will be (left to right on the picture): Juliette (External Exec), Jonathan (Social Exec), Esther (Acquisitions Exec), Ruben (President), Mishael (Secretary) and Laura (Treasurer).

Once again, have a wonderful summer and we hope to see you next year❤️
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1 month ago

Universalis Maastricht

Hello everyone! The results of the faculty council elections have been recently published and 6 UCM students have been elected. With 483 votes and 29% voter turnout our students secured their seats in the FHS Council. Congratulations to Lucas Brouwer, Femke de Haan, Sophie Maria, Oskar Oonk, Phineas Shapiro & Isabel Sturm!

Good luck!
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