The Social Board

The UCMSA Universalis Board consists of six members: One President, a Secretary, Treasurer and three Executives. The President is elected by the student body at the end of every academic year whilst the other five positions are filled by appointment. The President, Secretary and Treasurer make up the administrative body of the association whilst the Executives are the link between the committees and the Universalis Board.


President (Bojana Raković)

The President carries the overall responsibility for the Association, setting and pursuing the Association’s long-term goals and interests, chairing meetings and General Assemblies, as well as ensuring that the Board and its members are doing their work well and with enthusiasm. The President is also responsible for all external contacts not designated to the Secretary and other Executives (such as with the Faculty Council), writing the semester reports and has the ultimate say on any issues disputed within the Board.


Secretary (Ruben Dominguez Payne)

The Secretary is responsible for all communication between the Board members and between the Board and external parties. He or she serves as the first point of contact for the Board. The Secretary is also responsible for the administration and archive system of the Association, logistics and supplies and for taking minutes during any Board meetings and General Assemblies.


Treasurer (Hannah Grijns)

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial administration of the Association. He or she must also keep track of the overall expenditure of each Committee and ensure that the Association’s money is spend in its best interest.



The Universalis Executives act as the contact persons between the Committees, the University College Maastricht staff and the Universalis Board. Executives must help their Committees to grow and develop throughout the Academic year. This means they must communicate clearly between all parties, attempt to resolve any disputes and help with the promotion of the Committee. On top of their Committee work, each Executive has additional tasks:


Acquisition Executive (Eleanor Kelly)

The acquisition Executive represents Universalis at the weekly UCM Management Team meetings. The Acquisition Executive is also responsible for the merchandise and additionally he is responsible for partnerships and sponsors.


External Executive (Stephen McCarthy)

The External Executive represents Universalis at the UCSRN, the national organization for University Colleges. He or she therefore organizes all UCSRN events together with the social committee, which consists out of all the other UCSRN representatives from other boards from other UC study association. Moreover, Stephen organizes events in cooperation with other faculties at UM, such as Maastricht Science Program (MSP).


Social Executive (Paulina Raniecka)

The Social Executive is responsible for the intro days in cooperation with UCM. She or he is also responsible for this website, managing the Universalis Facebook page and promoting events as well as coordinating them. Additionally, they make the posters for the committees and events.


2 weeks ago

Universalis Maastricht

Hi everyone!

It's the end of the year, projects are done and it's time for holidays! The end of the year also means that the Social Board has finished transitioning, so its time for the new board to take over. This message is a big goodbye from the old board, its been a wonderful year and we hope that the next one will be as good if not better! It's also a hello from the new board, wishing you a happy holidays and looking forward to next year! Your new Social Board will be (left to right on the picture): Juliette (External Exec), Jonathan (Social Exec), Esther (Acquisitions Exec), Ruben (President), Mishael (Secretary) and Laura (Treasurer).

Once again, have a wonderful summer and we hope to see you next year❤️
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3 weeks ago

Universalis Maastricht

Hello everyone! The results of the faculty council elections have been recently published and 6 UCM students have been elected. With 483 votes and 29% voter turnout our students secured their seats in the FHS Council. Congratulations to Lucas Brouwer, Femke de Haan, Sophie Maria, Oskar Oonk, Phineas Shapiro & Isabel Sturm!

Good luck!
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