Sustainability Committee (GECCO)

Are you interested in working on green solutions for university problems?

Then GECCO might be the right place for you.

Never heard of GECCO?

We are the Universalis Sustainability Committee of University College Maastricht – or simply a student group which is keen on learning more around the theme of sustainability.

Our mission:

In general we are organising events and campaigns around the theme of sustainability. We aim at improving the resource efficiency at UCM and the University as a whole, help our fellow students to do their part in reducing their environmental footprint and organize events to inform them about issues of social and environmental sustainability. It is our deep belief that making small steps towards a more sustainable world are of great importance.

What do we do?

Our current projects include projects concerning the waste of paper as for instance the e- reader market, Sustainable Study Material Sale (available at the Universalis Office during opening hours) and additionally the reminders about not wasting paper towels in UCM’s restrooms. At the same time, we are supporting a lot of projects addressing local and organic food. Such projects are for example fair friday, every days organic apple sale in the common room, the vending machine offering organic snacks, and as well GECCO socials as for instance diverse sustainable dinners and BBQs. In addition, GECCO organizes a variety of other campaigns and projects, as the swap shop or stoppers for the folding tables in the lecture hall so that now the lights are not switched on every time you leave your seat. However, we are still discussing new proposals and are open for any new motivation. In this case, feel free to come up with your own ideas!

Who are we looking for?

GECCO is working on a project basis. This means, that everyone in GECCO can choose from different projects that are on the table. These projects are everyone’s ideas combined. Consequently we look for people that are intrinsically motivated to do something for a more sustainable UCM. Don ́t worry, it is not a lot of work as long as you are committed by heart and have time for a laugh while working. At least you should know that you do not have to be afraid of being not super vegan or a hippie recycler. We also have social meetings with all members of GECCO, to just hang out together and have some drinks. The quintessence of GECCO is to empower people in their thinking about sustainable issues in all their diversity, while being together with an awesome group of people to have fun with.

Maastricht’s Green Zone:

The Sustainability Movement in Maastricht is divided into a lot of exciting organizations, such as the Green Office, Oikos, SIFE, NovUM, Demotech or the Student Workforce. Dive into this community, get inspired and realize your very own ideas! Members of GECCO continue to cooperate with the Green Office and other student organizations of Maastricht.


For more current information check out our Facebook page:

Come to the GREEN side!

Your Geccos

3 months ago

Universalis Social Board

UCSRN is looking for a new board! Are you interested in facilitating the representation of University Colleges on a national level? Are you good in working in a team? Did you love the tournament and want to oversee it next year? Apply for the UCSRN Board! You can apply following the link in the post.UCSRN EXECUTIVE BOARD ELECTIONS

All UC Students can run for the open positions in the UCSRN Executive Board.

The deadline to sign up is May 29th 13:00 for:
- Chair of the Executive Board
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- External
- Academic Committee Chair
- Social Committee Chair

For more info about the specific functions and elections, go to:

It will be a very useful learning experience where you get the opportunity to meet with lots of new and interesting people and develop professional skills. You will be representing the University College students on a national level, and focus on integration and collaboration between the University Colleges and Students. It is an amazing opportunity, so apply now!

Looking forward to seeing your applications!
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6 months ago

Universalis Social Board


FOR ALL THE FASHIONISTAS THAT HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IT: UCM merch sale is happening this week! Come to the common room during every break to see what the UCM products are and get a nice souvenir! ... See MoreSee Less

Dear all,

due to some technical issues, all Universalis email addresses are currently down If you need to contact us, send a message to this account or send a private message to the members of the board.

Good luck with exams, love, Universalis☀️
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