A committee can be looked at as a group of people with shared interests, who found more people sharing the same interest and decided to group up! Being a committee mean that the Universalis Social Board will support your cause with funds, promotion and any organisational help. As you can see, UCM has quite a few committees. However, if you have a brilliant idea for a new committee and can find enough members to join, you’re more than welcome to start your own!

Arts & Photo Committee
Book Club
Charity Committee
Circus Committee
Dance Committee
Excursion Committee (EXCO)
Feminism Society
Ludens/Games Committee
Meditation Committee
Music Committee
Musical Committee
Party Committee
Pluralism in Economics (PINE)
Poetry Committee
Spirit(ual) Enlightenment Committee
Sports Committee
Sustainability Committee (GECCO)
The Bell
Theatrical Society
Wellbeing Committee




1 month ago

Universalis Maastricht

Hi everyone!

It's the end of the year, projects are done and it's time for holidays! The end of the year also means that the Social Board has finished transitioning, so its time for the new board to take over. This message is a big goodbye from the old board, its been a wonderful year and we hope that the next one will be as good if not better! It's also a hello from the new board, wishing you a happy holidays and looking forward to next year! Your new Social Board will be (left to right on the picture): Juliette (External Exec), Jonathan (Social Exec), Esther (Acquisitions Exec), Ruben (President), Mishael (Secretary) and Laura (Treasurer).

Once again, have a wonderful summer and we hope to see you next year❤️
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1 month ago

Universalis Maastricht

Hello everyone! The results of the faculty council elections have been recently published and 6 UCM students have been elected. With 483 votes and 29% voter turnout our students secured their seats in the FHS Council. Congratulations to Lucas Brouwer, Femke de Haan, Sophie Maria, Oskar Oonk, Phineas Shapiro & Isabel Sturm!

Good luck!
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